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’Lord it is good to be here’ Mark 95

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Thirty-Day 3R Program for Women Religious 

12 September 12 October 2012


Retreat Centre


Mount Tabor Retreat Centre. 

Co-ordinators of the Program: Mary Gallagher SC and

Mary Jo McKeefry SSL


THIRTY-DAY – 3R (relax, refresh and retreat) Program.

The Mount Tabor Retreat Centre in Antigua, West Indies is offering, for the first time, a THIRTY-DAY-3R (relax, refresh and retreat) program for women religious.   This experience will offer a time apart for you to relax physically, to refresh mentally and to grow spiritually. 

     The retreat centre is situated on a hill, gets a lovely breeze, and affords an array of beautiful sites of the island resort in the Caribbean.


Relax: Your time here will give you a chance to move out of your current ministry and community so you can relax in the peace of God’s creation.

Refresh: You will be refreshed in soul and body as you walk, swim or simply imbibe God’s handiwork in this warm and uplifting environment.

Retreat: You will have an opportunity to look in a new way at your life and your relationship with God and others.  You will have a variety of prayer experiences: personal, centering, meditating and communal.


 Sugar Mill

                 Sugar Mill at Mount Tabor


Is this THIRTY-DAY – 3R (relax, reflect and retreat) for you?

       If you are searching for the space and time to find a closer relationship with God, to explore the inner, deeper self and to interact with others, then this experience is for you.       

       Those who are in good health, mentally and physically and are willing to mix and share in a communal setting will benefit from the program.

The Program aims to include the following:

Enjoy God’s natural creation

       Antigua, with its 365 beaches and tropical habitat, steeped in God’s creation, provides many opportunities for reflection and prayer.  There are walks and places of beauty where one can pray and relax. 

A possible day’s experience outside the centre:

  • a trip to Indian Town, with its rock formation and crashing waves


Praying at Devils Bridge

               Indian Town

  •  a lunch in a restaurant  

 Long Bay Pizza Hut









    Long Bay

  •  a swim at Long Bay

  Return to retreat centre and share reflections of the day


Turner's Beach

On other occasions we may visit different beaches where we could have similar prayer experiences or remain at Mount Tabor.                                                 

Spiritual Companioning: Each participant will be offered a spiritual companion who will meet with her each week.  These spiritual companions may be a member of staff from the centre or someone from Antigua who has experience in spiritual direction.

Small Groups:  Each participant will be placed in a small group which will be her home-group for the period of time that she will be at Mount Tabor. 

Presentations:  There will be a number of presenters who will provide input which will nurture life and faith.  These sessions may include reflections on scripture, spirituality, loss and grief, transitioning and community life. 

     There may also be an opportunity to learn about the healing power of herbs.

Prayer, reflection and reading is a vital part of the program.  Morning Prayer, based on the Office of the Day, will be planned by the participants.  For daily Mass we will attend the local parishes or have Eucharist in Mount Tabor. 

        Participants may create prayer-reflections by choosing thought provoking readings and presenting them with digital images.  In order to do this you may wish to bring a digital camera and laptop.  Wireless internet is available.  Water color will also be used as a tool to help you to reflect on your spiritual journey.










                                                        Library at Mount Tabor Retreat Centre 

We have a well equipped library with novels and spiritual books for your use.  There will be an opportunity to share, with the group, some spiritual reading that has been meaningful for you.  Good novels are also welcome; these can give you an opportunity to relax mind and spirit while you enjoy a story that reflects human life and living. 

Guided Retreat:  The third week of the program will be a silent, guided retreat led by Carol Brenner SC. This retreat offers Morning Prayer and a reflection on the theme of the day, together with suggestions for personal reflection.  Sister Carol will be available throughout the day to meet with individuals.  Each day concludes with communal prayer and group sharing.



                           Flowers at Mount Tabor Retreat Centre

Community:  Each participant will be asked to take on a household task so that as a community we will be responsible for our living environment. 

Accomodation: En suite single bedrooms are available for each participant.

Personal Day: Each Thursday will be a personal day.  The  usual program will be put on ‘pause’ for that day.

Rhythm and balance of relax, refresh and retreat: The rhythm of the day and week should hopefully reflect the focus of the program the 3R (relax, refresh and retreat). 

Cost:USD 2,000 inclusive of accommodation, food, stipends for presenters and organised trips.

Application Form for Thirty-Day 3R Program  

For more information, please contact Mary Jo McKeefry by email:


POBox W82

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West Indies